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Why Promote Hemorrhoids Vanished?

#1 - This is a GENUINE product

Hemorrhoids Vanished is NOT just another pump-and-dump ebook outsourced on Upwork for 50 bucks...It's a professionally-written, well-researched, quality ebook that actually HELPS people to solve their health problems. We've received countless emails from our customers saying thank you and many of them have recommended our product to their friends/relatives who also suffer from hemorrhoids. You can promote us with confidence, knowing this is a REAL, solid product that delivers.

#2 - A Proven Conversion Rate of 2.2%

We are not here to brainwash you with screenshots of how our product converts over 30 hops or a 10% conversion rate in 5 sales, because if you've been promoting Clickbank products for a while, then you know that's just all bollocks. What TRULY shows the conversion rate of a product, is how it converts over 1000-2000 hops (the more, the better).

Our sales letter has been extensively optimized over the course of 6 months using various combinations of video/graphics/copywriting and we've had a strong 2.2% conversion rate over almost 1500 hops during our most recent test (see proof below), which is one of the best rates in this niche. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

#3 - Make A 75% Commission Per Every Sale

Promote us as an affiliate and make approximately $25 per sale, which is the maximum 75% commission that Clickbank allows (based on our current product price of $37).

We offer full affiliate support for those who need any information regarding promoting our product or any tips/techniques for generating traffic. If you have any questions or need any help promoting Hemorrhoids Vanished, please email us at Any feedback/suggestions is welcomed.

Conversions/Sales Screenshots

(click on the image to see the screenshot in full size)

Above you can see a screenshot from my Clickbank account, where I promoted Hemorrhoids Vanished as an affiliate for my own product using PPC traffic. This rate was achieved using a review-style landing page and laser-targeted traffic, where the visitors were pre-sold, before they arrived on the main sales page.

Make sure to always use a landing page when promoting Hemorrhoids Vanished, because it's an excellent way to "warm-up" your traffic before presenting them with the offer. You'll get much better conversion rates, compared to direct-linking.

Sales Transactions since November 2014 - (click to enlarge)

Here's an analytics screenshot from my CB vendor account...(July 2015)

Those affiliates who are pre-selling their visitors and sending targeted leads see conversions of around 1:50-60, which is pretty good, however you should definitely look into improving your review page or the quality of the traffic, as our own testing showed conversions in low 40's (see pic above), so keep optimizing guys.

Please don't bother with any spam or PPV or buying "targeted traffic", as you're wasting your time and money for nothing. Instead focus on REAL buyers and genuine traffic sources.

More and more affiliates getting their first sales! (My vendor account below + CB sales analytics from the newest affiliate who joined onboard this month)

Click on the screenshot below to enlarge

Check Out Our Sales For August 2015...

It's a good mixture of direct and affiliate sales. Take a close look at those stats - there are some affiliates sending thousands of hops, yet getting only 1 sale, while others convert in 20-40 hops. Why? Because it's ALL about traffic quality, NOT quantity. Focus on sending targeted traffic and you'll be amazed at your conversions!

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If you are new to Clickbank and don't have an account yet, then just CLICK HERE to register with Clickbank - it's easy, fast and free. Once you've got your own account, you can either create your "hoplink" by searching our product in the CB Marketplace (our ID is "hvanish") or you can simply use the link above.

On this page you will find all kinds of promotion materials to help you maximize your efforts when pushing our product. This includes keywords, banners, SEO/PPC advice, articles, promotion tips and more. If you need anything or have any questions, please contact us at Thank you.

Affiliate Promotion Materials

Article Marketing | Blogging | Articles | Solo Email | Keywords | PPC | Banners | Video Marketing

Article Marketing

A lot of people might say that article marketing is "DEAD" and you can no longer make any sales using this technique, but that's not entirely true. Sure, the days when you could submit a "long-tail keyword targeted" article to EzineArticles and get ranked for it #1 within a matter of days are gone. It is true that ranking articles from directories is not so easy nowadays, but you can still make sales from them when they are published on those directories and read by REAL people, not just marketers looking for content.

Of course, you won't get the same type of exposure that you would do, if the article was ranked in the top 3 of Google for whatever keywords you're after, but it doesn't take much effort to pump out a couple of useful articles and submit them to a few quality directories, right? Besides, if your content is good, it will get picked up by other publishers and posted on their websites or blogs, meaning more traffic for our landing page (assuming those are genuine publishers, who will not remove your links).

Since our goal here is to write great articles providing value, we don't really have to focus on targetting any specific keywords, because they will naturally appear in the content, as you write the article. The idea is to provide a few useful tips on how to cure hemorrhoids or possibly some basic information on hemorrhoids and then direct the readers to your landing page, where you will have the review of Hemorrhoids Vanished with your affiliate link.

Click here to see a list of Top 50 article directories

Few of the decent ones that have been around a while and worth mentioning, are EzineArticles, Buzzle, ArticlesBase and GoArticles.


Blogging is just a fancy word for having your own website, but without the need of knowing all the geeky HTML/CSS bits, because you can control everything through a simple content management system (CMS), like Wordpress for example. A lot of people who start out promoting products register a blog at or However, I would NOT recommend doing that, because you won't have full control over your blog, meaning Google (owner of Blogger) or moderators could delete your blog whenever they feel like you're "not complying with their guidelines".

So if you don't want to end up having all your content deleted, just because someone didn't like your affiliate links, register your own domain name and install self-hosted Wordpress.

You will have to spend a couple of bucks to register a domain and maybe $5-10/month on hosting (Hostgator is pretty good), but this way you will have full control over what you want to post and you will be able to customize your blog in any way you want. Once you are up and running, your blog will be sort of like your own article directory, but instead of having thousands of articles on different topics, you will be targeting only hemorrhoids problems and sharing tips/tricks on how to cure them.

The advantages are huge - you post whatever you want, include affiliate links/banners whereever you want and choose from thousands of themes to make your blog look more niche-specific.

The idea is still the same as with article marketing. You want to provide value and offer helpful tips in your articles, but promote Hemorrhoids Vanished as "the complete solution". It may be useful to learn a bit about SEO to help you optimize your website for the search engines, but don't get too hang up on it, because at the end of the day you DO NOT want to be dependant on Google or anyone else for sending you the traffic - you want to be THE SOURCE of traffic and in order to do that, your content has to be genuinely good and practical to your readers.


Article #1 - Top 3 Tips To Relieve Hemorrhoids & Enjoy Living A Healthy Life

Article #2 - The Most Common Hemorrhoids Treatments & Why To Avoid Them

Solo Email


Since we touched up on SEO, I would like to write a short paragraph on keywords. A couple of years ago, it used to be a common practice to buy an exact match domain (EMD) with your keyword being the actual domain name (for example "") and then send anchor-texted backlinks to the homepage to get ranked fast.

I am sure there are still people who do it nowadays, because it makes sense to have the keyword in the domain as it adds to relevancy, but I would NOT recommend buying silly very long keyword-domains just for the sake of having the keyword in it. Apart from losing credibility with your readers for not looking like "an authority website", you are also wasting your time SEO-wise. There's a small advantage of having your keyword in the domain, but it's not so significant as it once was, because nowadays Google uses many other factors for determining your SERP.

Without going too in-depth into the world of SEO, just remember a few things. First of all, there are NO rock-solid rules about SEO, because it's constantly changing and you don't really want to be chasing "the experts" all the time for the latest advice on how to build backlinks or create content, etc.

Secondly, it's very easy to get stuck at constantly building backlinks and waiting for the magical day when you will hit #1 for your desired keyword, so instead of relying on Google for your traffic, try to generate it YOURSELF by being active on forums, commenting on other relevant blogs, sharing stuff on social networks, etc. This will bring people to your blog "naturally" and oftentimes they will keep coming back, if they like your blog.

And finally, build the blog for your readers, NOT the search engines. Simply follow this rule and build a REAL business, not a Google-dependant sandcastle.

To give you ideas for your articles, here's a list of hemorrhoids-related keywords (sorted by volume):

PPC (Pay-per-click Advertising)

PPC has always been the quickest way to make your first sale, but mind you not necessarily the easiest or the most cost-effective. For a long time, there used to be 3 "big boys" in the PPC industry, i.e. Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing. However, AdCenter and YSM merged few years ago, so now there's essentially Adwords and the so called Bing Ads (Adcenter + YSM).

Trying to explain you all the ins and outs of PPC in a few paragraphs would be almost possible, because in terms of complexity it's not too far from SEO. There are countless ebooks and guides you can read about paid search engine advertising (Perry Marshall's Adwords guide is a good read), but before you do that, I'd like to give you a few simple tips that will hopefully save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Since Google is ever so popular, your first instinct will probably be to go with Adwords, but be very careful with your campaigns, because Google has become very negative towards affiliates in the last few years and if they don't like something about your ads/keywords or the landing page, then after a few warnings (if you are lucky to get them), you're banned for good.

In general, DON'T create thin landing pages stuffed with affiliate links and a massive "CLICK HERE" button. This will instantly get you banned on Adwords, although Bing Ads are a lot more flexible with what you can advertise. Try a softer approach with a bit more content on your lander, some pictures, useful tips, etc. You don't want to have too much content where the user will get lost and click away, because our goal is to pre-sell the visitor and send him/her to the main sales page. So balance is the key - let the traffic flow in and then track/analyze your CTR/ROI.

Regarding keywords and ads, I like to keep it simple. Start by bidding on maximum-relevant keywords (the list above is a good start) and make sure to mention the keyword in your title and the description. Separating your keywords into tightly organized ad groups will help you to create more relevant ads and as a result your CTR will go up, bringing the costs down.

Talking about costs, don't expect to get cheap clicks for $0.05 or anything like that, because those days are over. In other words, if you don't have the budget, then stay away from PPC until you have something to play with.


Feel free to download the banners/ebook covers below and use them on your website/blog however you like.

Video Marketing

We all love watching videos. In fact, we probably spend too much time watching random videos on different websites, especially YouTube. However, that's good news for affiliates, because it gives you another medium to reach out to your audience. This is similar to article marketing, except you don't have to write anything and the views are a lot higher, because the majority of people prefer to watch a video, rather than read an article - that's a fact.

And the best part is that you don't need some special skills to make a fully professional video. You could outsource someone talking on camera promoting Hemorrhoids Vanished or possibly create a simple presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint with a couple of slides describing causes of hemorrhoids/common treatment methods, etc.

Quality does matter, but ideally we want to get as many videos out there as possible - same as you would do with articles. Like I previously mentioned in the Article Marketing section, you don't want to rely on an external source of traffic that you have no control over (in this case YouTube). So use these videos to send all the traffic to your self-hosted website or blog, where you will have the pre-sell for Hemorrhoids Vanished with your affiliate links and won't be worried about someone removing your links or deleting all the content.

Below you will find top 5 video hosting websites: